Monday, July 4, 2011

in the kitchen

*website for pictures still down*
so this is what i have instead

my dad has worked on this STUPID website, for 4 days. we thought we had it working last night, so we rebooted our computer hoping it would work. NOPE. GAH! im so frustrated. i have over 200 pictures now, and they NEED to start getting up here.

i do have some pictures though, that are pre-edited, so i guess those are going up first! this is Madi and i, dancin' in my kitchen, snappin' pictures of each other as i, chef Keena, made us an Asian dinner.

Chris is home ;) he finally got home yesterday! :) im SO sorry about these stupid pictures and random posts! bear with me fellow bloggers! well, ta-ta for now. im off to my first day at Peaks with the cousins! YAY!


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