Saturday, July 2, 2011

no this is not girls camp

*website for pictures still down*
so this is what i have instead

so, my dad is in the process of trying to get the website to work on our computer. it has taken him 2 days and he is still working on it. so, i am SORRY fellow blog stalkers! you all have NO idea how bad i want these posts up. i have over 150 pictures to put on this blog, and all i am waiting for, is that STUPID website! gah! on the bright side, if it is a "pre" edited picture on my phone, i can put it up without the website {don't ask, its a long story} SO, here ya go. Madi and i after the mall yesterday. we both spent $35 on accessories from Forever 21! it was a blast. i love you madison :) have a fun week without me, while im with cousins!

guess what?
Chris is currently on his way home from Arkansas. BOO-YAH! i miss him.
too-da-loo im off to do some slippin' sliddin'


posts coming soon
~girls camp
~celebration of the 4th
~posing in my kitchen
~FHE at the park
~random summer post

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