Tuesday, August 2, 2011

parks & swimming

may i just say, i love Sunday's. i love spending the whole day with my family. we are crazy and fun and its just the BEST! ahh i love it :) so my dad is directing an EFY this week at BYU. this past Sunday he had to go speak at the counselors meeting. i babysat. i took the kids to UVU so we could play tag at the pond {like we always do} then to Nelsons Grove to feed the ducks. and here is an example of Marcus, acting like Marcus. don't ask
like i said above, my dad is directing an EFY. when he does that every year, he automatically gets a free hotel room! its awesome. so on Monday i took the kids to the pool and we swam for like, 4 hours. after going home and cleaning up, we headed to my GREAT grandma's 87th birthday party! YES, she is my GREAT grandma and YES.... she IS 87!! i love her. her and my great grandpa are SO cute together.

Kylie and i took a bunch of pictures that night, at the park.
she is a wonderful photographer! she's only 7 yet she took this 1st picture

i love Kylie :) we are best friends

today i woke up at 8 to go running with my mom. she is a good runner, and runs a lot; but, i kept up with her the entire 3 miles we ran. after that, we headed back down to the hotel for more swimming. then, we went to the Legend Grille down at BYU for lunch with my dad {in that hour of a break he had} ps: i was babysitting my cousin Tayson this morning/afternoon, this is him

anklets. my new obsession. i made 3 today haha :)

much love, keena

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