Tuesday, September 6, 2011

friends + soccer + news

today, was a good day.
i am usually not a fan of B days,
but i always love weight training
{which we had a very good/hard workout today}

today, MV played Orem in girls soccer. MV lost, but the girls played amazing! Hannah, Madi and i went, along with Alec. first; we enjoyed some ice cream and orange julias at Hannah's house, then Alec drove to the game!

now, i am going to Young Women's. we are learning to Hula tonight, that should be interesting.

good news, i am going to my FIRST concert tomorrow! Selena Gomez! i am so excited! i am going with miss Sydni Garvin; i can't wait! also, Hannah's parents are going to drop her sister off at BYUI tomorrow, so Hanni is spending 2 nights at my house! YAY! i am happy, life is wonderful

i will write all about the concert soon!
much love, Keena

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