Thursday, September 8, 2011

my very first concert

Selena Gomez concert? heck YA i went! guys, i have never been to a concert. this was my first! {Sydni's first too!} i had SO much fun! i absolutely love Selena!! and, i can't believe i was like, 100 feet away from her! she's amazing, just sayin. All Star Weekend is the band that opened up for her, and they were super good too!after school yesterday, i drove myself out to Cedar Hills, to Sydni's house.

after i got to Sydni's house, we drove out to SLC and
had some dinner at Zupas. i LOVE their Mango Berry Salad!

we then, drove to the Maverik Center where the concert was!

after listening to All Star Summer, there was about a 10 minute break. Syd and i splurged. we bought shirts :) it was our first concert, who wouldn't buy a shirt? plus, its SELENA GOMEZ!! sooooo, guys.. our shirts cost more than our tickets. HA! so. worth. my. money.

SELENA GOMEZ IS AMAZING! part way threw Syd
and i snuck down to the front, but got booted back up.
it was worth it, it was amazing! i love her!

my favorite songs she preformed:
a year without rain {opening song}
we own the night
who says {encore song}
love you like a love song
magic {closing song}

traffic was horrific on the way home, but very much worth it. after getting back to Cedar Hills, THEN driving all the way back down to Orem, i got home around 12 {no... i didn't get lost.. haha}

when i got home there was a little surprise...

i got asked to my FIRST dance EVER! Homecoming!
who asked me, you ask?

Chris Turnbull
im SO excited, like... SOOOO excited

much love, Keena

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