Wednesday, September 28, 2011

once upon a time i donated blood

donation day = today. my appointment was at 1:00.
first i waited in an hour long line while Chris {the birthday boy!} took a bunch of pictures

then got my finger pricked

then i answered a bunch of pointless questions just asking the same thing
"have you had any sexual contact 'recently'... "
oh ya that's me the 16 year old prostitute in Orem Utah. yaaaaaa NO.

Kait got her finger pricked too, and didn't have enough Iron so she had to be 'Rechecked' and didn't end up getting to donate... poor Kait

i made Hanni wait with me... even though she hates blood {she is a very good friend}

we have a new obsession; planking.
she likes to plank while waiting.. she is rad guys, rad

after 2 hours the needle {the size of a Capri Sun straw... holy huge} finally went in. didn't hurt too bad. but they made me squeeze that dumb stress ball 1,000 times, and every time i squoze {is that a word? i don't think so} it, i could feel the needle moving... sheesh

they took about a pint of blood, and now my arm is sore

by the way
*don't worry, because homecoming post is on its way soon!*

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  1. That's scary!! I never donated blood when I was in high school, even though all my friends did- I was so scared, but perhaps I'll do it this year in college!

    Hope you have a lovely friday!

    xo flor