Sunday, October 9, 2011

soup + the gym + football + yogurt

it was a cold week. unusually cold for the first week of October. you really can never predict the weather in Orem, Utah though. one day it was 80 and the next it was 40! crazy crazy. i kept warm by having warm soup with Cait, going to the Gym with Hanni and Meg, and getting hot cocoa {my favorite} the weird thing is, is that it's supposed to go back up to 70 later this week. crazy Utah

Friday was the Orem vs MV game. last year we kicked their hineys 33-0. this year they beat us by ONE point. it was 34-7 and somehow they managed to gain 28 points and beat us in the last 2 minutes. i am not going to ramble off about football and school rivalry {which i love by the way} because this picture says enough. i still have my bruin pride :) way to go boys

Hanni and i were bored out of our minds last night, but managed to scrounge up $4.95 in change {purely pennies, nickels, and dimes} to buy some Yogurtland. it was especially embarrassing when we go to pay, and discover we really only have $4.00 in change, so we manage to mooch off others {including a little from the worker... haha} for that .95 cents. it was well worth it.

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