Sunday, October 2, 2011

the conference weekend

i love conference weekend! but then again, who doesn't?

Malia and i decided yesterday morning that we'd had enough of our closet and room. the clothes drag on the floor and there just wasn't enough room. we spent the morning listening to conference and re-doing our room! we got a new vanity table and basically a new closet. it is absolutely amazing! i am in love.

my dad also re-did {or is still doing.. it could take awhile} our bathroom, so the Horton home was crazy yesterday! i also went to Madi's house with Hannah, Haley and Maddie to watch the second session.

last night was games night at Branson's house. planned by me! Hannah, Edgar, Chris, Jos, Kylee, Branson and me. i am SO pro at Scattegories; i dominated. then a bunch of graduates decided to join. Clint, Rick, Rob, and Bennett. that is when Clint and i dominated even MORE! we rock.

today i woke up to the usual 'conference sunday morning waffles' which was absolutely delicious, awesome job dad. in between sessions the fam decided to go up to Provo and walk the trail.
fall leaves + water + trees + my family = awesome photography.

new favorite thing to do: go planking. i love to plank on everything. it's so fun!
i thank Haley Lindley for introducing me to it. today i planked on something very high
*see below* most epic planking job EVER!

To-Do tonight:

-eat dinner with my family and cousin {and her roommate} we are having bran muffins.. yummy!
-do my math homework, that is due tomorrow... that i just remembered i have. dang it
-take a shower. a needed shower... {don't judge}
-make cookies for my neighbor to thank her for letting me wear her necklace to homecoming. uhhh homecoming pictures? those are coming guys, im sorry. i have some i could put up but i rather put up the professional ones we got taken... and we haven't gotten those back yet. wouldn't you rather see professional ones? yes i know you would.
-watch Cake Boss with my fam. i really love that show, and Buddy
-pick out my outfit for tomorrow. i got 2 new belts and new shirt... decisions decisions
-read my scriptures. this is a must
-Facetime my cousins with Malia. a weekly event on Sunday's at 10 our time, 9 their time. i look forward to this time EVERY week
-go to bed at a decent time... i struggle with this every single night. stupid iPhone4 addiction.

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  1. KEENA! you are so cute. and I love you lots and lots.