Wednesday, November 9, 2011

meowww... black kitty

Shirt: 7Circles, Pants: PacSun, Scarf: PacSun, Socks: 7Circles, Boots: Forever Young

i am LOVING turtlenecks this time of year. with the fall wind all day long, it's just what my little neck needs, is a nice cozy turtleneck + a scarf. put on some pants, socks and boots, and you are SET my friend. loving the weather these days.

today was an excellent day. i got 2 new pairs of shoes, managed to get through an entire B day, AND i just got back from Zumba. PLUS i ate healthy all day long. we are looking at an extremely good day here people.

tomorrow is Thursday. the day my cousins come. BOO-YAH! now i am off to do math. which i should have done 8 hours ago, but like i usually do, i procrastinated. Oh, and i still need to take a much needed shower. maybe i'll just sleep in tomorrow morning? we'll see...

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