Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 week later....

shirt: H&M, cheetah pants: PacSun, zipper booties: Target, watch: Nordstrom

sorry it's been a week since i posted last, it happens. but i figured you could use a post, backyard photo shoot post? sure why not!

tomorrow is the day peeps. take one long LAST look at these son-of-a-gun braces. cause they ne'er e'er coming back. {you shall see a before and after shot of these teeth.... soon} seriously though, i can't wait ANY longer for these little babies to come off. 4 years later and my teeth have had just about enough.

last night i missed the bachelor to do math. that was theeee worst. no worries, i will be watching it tonight :) cause of course, no school tomorrow. i am also doing something quite big and daring tomorrow at noon. you will see, because come Thursday, i will be a NEW WOMAN. yes, tomorrow is quite the day people!

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!

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