Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunday memory!

here we have Briana and i buried in sand. we were even BEST FRIENDS back then. the good old days! look how cute our desperate, 'GET ME OUT OF HERE!' faces are. adorable, i know :)

this is the year we drove up to Seattle with the Gillespie's and visited the Anderson's in their old house. this was in 2005. i remember on this day, EVERYONE was being buried in the sand. there was big hole that we dug up in the sand, then we all took turns being buried in it. then you would see how long you could stay in. it was soooooo claustrophobic in there, seriously. it was so fun to bury each set of people, and the funnest was when we all buried my dad. as you can see from above, we were all so proud. i just love looking back at memories like this. i'm starting to like this 'sunday memory!' idea :)

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