Wednesday, May 23, 2012

soccer semi-finals baby!

this year our boys were kickin' trash in soccer. just like every year of course, and we made it to the state semi finals! we made it last year as well, {and all the way to Rio Tinto finals!} on Tuesday we headed up to the game which was in Bountiful! basically the entire school went {3 packed susses} even though it was during school. i mean, who wouldn't go? i for one, wouldn't miss it!

on the way up, everyone on the bus just insisted on having the windows down. it was a tad bit windy to say the least, and both mine & Hannah's hair was just flying everywhere! 
the game started at 1:30 and it was 85 degrees outside. i was in a black jersey..... black jersey + 85 degree weather = ONE HOT GIRL {in more ways then one.... HA! kidding}

 we ended up losing 1-0, but i am so proud of my boys! WAY TO GO boys you did amazing! even though we lost, you can blame it ALL on the ref {since we did score a goal and it didn't even count.} no but seriously, blame it on the refs. 

you all played amazing, and thank you Jake for letting me wear your jersey! better luck next year boys. and even though you lost, i had a wonderful time :)

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