Wednesday, June 8, 2011

state soccer {flashback}

in late May, the MV soccer team won so many games, that we actually got to go to STATE {STATE!} .... which i never thought would happen personally, but hey, i had no idea how good MV soccer really is! we got to play in the "REAL Rio Tinto stadium" in SLC. okay, this stadium is absolutely amazing and SO big! i had never been, and i am so glad that THIS game was my first time going. it was so cool to be able to watch kids {that i actually and personally know} play on this super famous green green grassy field, i LOVED it!

the bus ride up i rode with Hannah and Maddie!

here is our boys, practicing it up on the actual FIELD!
if you look close, you can see Chris right there {#21} what a babe-a-tron
{yes, i took this picture}

overall the game was really fun. we all thought the boys HAD it, but unfortunately we lost 2 to 1 in overtime. the boys played FANTASTIC and they really gave it all they had. it was so sad for our senior boys and especially sad to see them all crying after the game. they tried their hardest though, and truly did amazing.


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  1. So sad, yet so beautiful at the same time! At least we had the chance to go to state, eh? And we're definitely proud of our bruin soccer buddies- at least I am :) Hope you're having a good summer!