Friday, May 25, 2012

GIANT snowies

summer is almost here! today was our last full day of school. Monday there is no school, and Tuesday we have an assembly {that's it}, so technically school is already done for! to celebrate the 80-90 degree weather we have been having here in Orem {well, some of the days. today?? windy + cloudy}, 3 of my girl friends and i decided to get snowies on Wednesday!

these are not just regular snowies, as you can see. they are HUGE. HUGE! almost bigger than my head.

and the best part is, this snowie shack is local and cheap. who doesn't love a good snowie {bigger than your head} with ice cream in the middle for $2.50? heavens yes! 

Madi the model. {boys, she's single.} just sayin

the best snowies ever! i got creamy coconut and POG {a fruity flavor i guess? tasted good so who cares what it was!} the first time i ever visited this amazing snowie shack down in Provo, was EFY last summer with my cousin! i've definitely missed these delicious things

i have a feeling those workers are going to get sick of me and my friends, cause something tells me we'll be there plenty more this summer pounding down the snowies!
sooooo my birthday was yesterday! i am now 17 years old :) finally! i had so much fun yesterday with my friends + family {they all did so much to make sure it was the perfect day for me, and it WAS!} i also took plenty of pictures and i have a post to show them coming real soon!

for now it's time to have a party rockin', junk food eatin', dance party happnin' weekend with my friends. looking forward to a fun filled weekend! birthday post coming real soon, promise. XO


  1. Cute blog! I heart icee's yum.

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

  2. Um delicious!! I am going to need one of those when we come! See ya soon!!