Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 pictures you have probably already seen

i realize i post enough pictures on instagram//twitter, that by the time the pictures finally get to my blog, you probably think 'Keena. we get it.' but this is my own little online journal that i want to keep memories of and look back on, so what goes on other social media, must go on here too!

1)  Kaylee deserves to be #1 on here. she's one of the best friends i have ever had, and its amazing what this girl will do for me. i love her, and our heart to hearts, more than anything! late night chats, bachelor watching, sluffing class, etc. i love you Kays

2)  okay i lied. i haven't posted this next picture anywhere.... HA! so there. ;) Ky and i watched Caleb's basketball game together this past weekend! love this cute girl so much

3)  Friday after school i joined 7 other ladies on an afternoon Temple trip. we all had such an amazing and spiritual time together and i honestly hope this becomes a monthly thing! it feels so nice and comforting to do Baptisms for the dead, and what a wonderful thing it was to add to my Friday

4)  i already posted this a dozen times, on just about every social media website possible, and guaranteed anyone who reads this blog has already heard, {that just shows how EXCITED i am!} 

but, we were walking out of the temple that afternoon, and i realized the email came from BYU. my heart was racing so fast i can't even tell you...

i burst into tears and immediately called both my parents! we were all SHOCKED. honestly, {and i am telling the truth here...} i really didn't think i was getting in. i know they don't just look at ACT scores, but with the score i got, i had about a 7% chance of getting in. i knew that, so i was planning on not getting in. 

so when i got the email, i couldn't stop crying. all the cute girls in the car with me were just as excited for me, as well as everyone in my family. my parents both couldn't stop crying, and my mom called anyone and everyone she knows to hear the news. 

and.... BRIANA GOT IN TOO. which means our dreams have come true, and we finally get to live together, and go to BYU like we have always wanted to :) 

i can't even express in words how happy i am! i know this is Heavenly Father's plan for me, and i can't wait to live it! and i know this may be a little too cheesy, but i know that because i went to the temple on Friday, i was blessed with an acceptance to my dream school ♥ i love the gospel

5)  we celebrated Kenzie's 18th birthday on Friday! Los Hermanos, girl talk, sleeping over, late night drives + Walmart runs. it's pretty safe to say i have amazing girl friends :)

what a good weekend! no dull moments around here. just a lot of good days and happy people. life is great! i don't have one thing to complain about, and that feels amazing :)

happy happy Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations on getting into BYU! I love it here & I know you will too! :)


  2. How exciting, congrats on getting accepted to BYU!

  3. congratualtions on to making it into BYU! (:

  4. Congrats on getting into BYU!! Best school eva! :) So fun you got to be with your girlfriends for that exciting news!! :)