Friday, May 18, 2012

MORP 2012

introducing my date, Taylor Camp. i asked him to Mountain View's MORP this year and boy was it fun!

after much discussion and confusion on what to do for our day-date, the girls and i decided on heading up to a cabin just past Sundance! we decided for Friday night instead of doing it Saturday afternoon. us ladies picked up the boys at 7 and drove up the canyon! we had dinner {pizza} and a TON of treats! {doughnuts, cookies, licorice, mini candy bars, sodas, chips} we also played games and watched 'Life As We Know It.' {which i absolutely LOVE}

Saturday night we picked the boys back up {all dressed up in our fancy t-shirts} and had pictures down in the Riverwoods!

our group:
Jeffery, Louisa, Russell, Meg, Jordan, Kaylee, Josh, Hannah, Taylor, Keena {Me}, David, Joslynn

the theme for MORP was 'oppisites attract'
for our shirts we decided each couple was a color, then we would pick an oppisite!

Louisa/Jeffery: sun & moon
Meg/Russell: short & tall
Jordan/Kaylee: pepper & salt
Josh/Hannah: night & day
Taylor/Keena: Orem & MV
David/Joslynn: girl & boy

after dinner, the dance! which was SO fun. that DJ had such great taste in dancing music. we left the dance and headed to Kaylee's where we tried and failed at a fondue machine, and resulted in eating all the brownies, strawberries, and pretzels that were supposed to be dipped in!

another dance that definitely goes on my list of favorites, especially since all my besties were in the same group! definitely a wonderful dance i'll always remember

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