Sunday, May 20, 2012

friday-sunday {4 days!}

came home from school, and Friday being the only day that i had off of work {i usually only work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, but had to work Tuesday this week too to cover for Torey!} i came home from school ready to relax instead of grabbing a snack and heading to work. i watched Parenthood {my new FAVORITE show} then went to the boys soccer game with Louisa, Meg, and Brendan!

after the soccer game the family and i went to Quincey's preschool graduation! she is growing up way too fast this girl. the baby of the family is out of preschool. this is so weird.

also in Quincey's class is my little cousin Addie who also graduated! these 2 are so adorable i tell you
after the graduation i went to Louisa's house with Meg! then we went to pick up Kaylee and Jos and went to Maceys in search of sparklers. which apparently they do not sell until the 4th of July. we headed up to 'the lookout' {make out spot of Orem, Utah my friends. yet we have no boys with us. lame} and we had a maaaaajor dance sesh. party

Saturday morning i picked up Hannah and Cait and we headed up to City Creek! sadly we took no pictures, but we did get some serious shopping done! {i love shopping. SO much} Hannah had to be back for a soccer game at 5 so we dropped her off, then Cait and i headed to Target {more shopping? yes please} then to eat some dinner/lunch {dunch? linner? hahaha} at Cafe Rio! mmmm i love that place

dropped Cait off and headed to a movie with my movie bud, Jos! we saw 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' it had a little bit of language, but it was absolutely hilarious! haha i couldn't stop laughing!

we had nothing to do after the movie, so we drove around with Kaylee and got drinks at Holiday! i went home at 12 and guess what i did? watched more Parenthood, that's what i did!

today i went to church {with greasy hair and a smile on my face!} and now my mom is making my favorite dessert in the world. Oh Henry bars. YUM

i'm getting real excited for my birthday over here! 4 DAYS!!! can't wait :)

coming soon: a delightful LIST

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  1. your sooo cute! i love your clothes and your smile is so cute it insane. and your blog is FAB. i love reading it! okay ill stop being a creep.