Thursday, May 17, 2012

crab + soccer

guess who tried crab! this girl! until i recently became vegetarian {for all of you out there that are seriously vegetarian cause you care about animals, unlike you... i still eat fish.} i was very skeptical when it came to seafood! i always hated seafood. salmon, crab, lobster, shrimp, you name it!

i think being vegetarian has opened me up to trying these new foods! i tried crab Sunday night {our mothers day dinner!} and my  mom made shrimp tacos tonight! {she's an excellent cook that woman.}

Wednesday was the soccer boys game against Clear field! it determined if we go to state of not, and after all the sudden having a tied score as the whistle blew, then going into TRIPLE overtime, im SO glad to announce that our MV boys WON!! what. a GAME!

sadly, i could only stay for an hour and didn't even see the intensity of triple overtime. {i know. seriously they were gaining on us the second i left the field.}

i will be back tomorrow {i promise!} to talk more about my week and things going on lately!! but it's 11:15 and i am absolutely exhausted! cheers to only a week and a day left of school. cause my body is just screaming for more sleep! but who are we kidding, we all know i won't get hardly any until summer comes. XO

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