Friday, May 4, 2012

yesterday i said YOLO

that's right. i said it. You Only Live Once.... YOLO. although it's a phrase that is getting just a bit over used, it's so true. THIS is the life. you only live it once. I love this Pinterest quote: "Nobody looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep." right?? right. some of my best memories with my friends have been LATE at night.

so now that that's been said. i'm at work yesterday, getting all perplexed. had so many things to do that i just couldn't decide which ones to do first {or even do at all}

- i had a 3 page paper to write that was due tomorrow
- i wanted to go to the gym right after work
- study for my photo test {which i didn't even end up having, hallelujah}
- Avengers came out at midnight
- i wanted to go to the boys soccer game against Timpview
- work didn't end until 7:15

annnnndddd i decided to drop all homework + gym time, say YOLO, and head to the boys soccer game. worth it? definitely. they won! 1 - 0. we played under the lights and it was super nice outside. duhh it was worth it.
after the game we picked up more friends {everyone there: Me, Meg, Hannah, Edgar, Chris, Brendan, Joslynn, Branson} and headed for the movie theater. Avengers was so good! K, the parts i saw. yeah, umm..... i fell asleep. for most of the movie. have i ever fallen asleep in a movie? in the THEATER? no. NO! i never have. and i was trying SO dang hard to stay awake and it's like.... i had no control. my eyes just wouldn't open.

but it was good... what i saw at least :) guess that just gives me the excuse to go see it again! anyways, got home at 3:30 and crashed.... skipped first period so i could sleep { + i didn't write my paper ;) remember? cause i am a procrastinator? yeah. YOLO.}

PS: just made the greatest purchase ever. $90 Steve Madden heels for $20. YESSSSSS

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