Monday, September 24, 2012

the weekend that went by way too fast

as you know, my cousins came this weekend! it was a short little visit, and one that went by way too quickly. they came in town for a funeral {their grandmas} which was on Friday. the viewing was Thursday {which i attended} and then we spent the rest of the time with family, eating out, sleepovers, movies, shopping, and setting up/attending my moms 40th birthday surprise party Saturday night! it was quite the weekend :)

 we also went to the temple dedication on Sunday together. it was amazing. and it's funny how things work out, because my cousins couldn't come on a more perfect weekend. they were luckily able to come to my moms party, and the dedication with us!

there was also a huge tomato fight in my kitchen Friday night. Kenz + my mom enjoyed that while the rest of us died of laughter and filmed the entire thing! let's just say you should all wish you were in my fam. seriously missing out....

we all know i usually cry {even if just for a minute} when my cousin leaves, or i have to leave her. i don't know why, but this time i couldn't even control myself. as i am bawling my eyes out while we hug one last time, i remembered that i really don't know when the next time is i will see her. i mean, i know i will sometime, but usually we know for a fact that we will see each other at Christmas. this year she has a cheer competition in London on the 26, so i won't see her. it was bitter sweet to see her leave last night. love you so much Nan.

happy monday! i work a whole bunch this week, so finding extra time to blog should be real interesting... today was chilly, so i would like to take a moment and say,

it is good to finally see you

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  1. Love your temple dedication outfit!!! Your are gorgeous xoxo