Sunday, September 2, 2012

friday night football

football season has officially started! personally, i think the best football games to watch, are my own high schools football team. and although we aren't the best team, it's fun to go to the games with my friends on Friday nights, cheer SUPER LOUD, and watch them attempt to kick some butt

and apparently, all dress in red and black. :) especially Cait and i, who didn't even plan it, and happened to be wearing the EXACT same thing!

during 3rd quarter on friday night, with 4:30 left on the clock, i had this brilliant idea to answer Kalin for homecoming AT the football team, {since he made both the touchdowns that night + he is an amazing player} so Kenz and i SPRINTED {literally....} to her car, to Target, bought a black poster + some chalk, and got back with 1:00 left in 3rd quarter. {wasn't joking when i said we sprinted!}

i wrote YES in bold letters and stood at the end of the field at the end of the game!

yes, we won! and yes, homecoming is going to be super fun :) it was quite the night to say the least! boy oh boy do i love Friday night football

happy Sunday, and happy September everyone! and although i am super happy and excited to welcome the fall, i'll really miss the warm summer months. 

but HELLO September! i am really only excited you are here because i can now wear boots...

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