Friday, August 31, 2012

during 2nd period today

 aannnnddd the dress hunt begins! wish me luck.... there is only 2746583 other schools in the state about to have homecoming with at least 75% of those girls looking for a modest dress. this should be fun :)

homecoming is September 15! i couldn't be more excited :)


  1. That sounds so fun! I was in Utah around the time of prom so I looked for a dress while I was there and had no luck finding anything I liked. But when I got home I went to good ol’ David’s Bridal and they had the perfect dress! So you should just look everywhere :)

    And have TONS of fun!

    1. thank you for the advice! i really hope i find one :) thank you thank you!

  2. Where oh where did you get your shoes???!!!!!!

  3. Congrats Keena! I hope you have fun at the dance! And no joke about finding a dress!! Good luck :)