Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 things + black friday aftermath

shirt: thrifted, pants: Citizens of Humanity, heels: Target

1)  let's start this off right. with a random picture of this photo-shoot that i found on my computer. a little selfie while Mia was getting ready to be photographed! only cause its selfie sunday. and becuase i can!

2)  thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. there is something so great about a day where you do nothing but eat really good food and spend time with family. we played games and ate pie. how awesome are dessert and games? such a good day to remind myself how much i am thankful for and how much i appreciate what i do have. {more HERE}

3)  Malia and i shopped for 14 hours straight for black Friday. FOURTEEN HOURS. we started at 9pm with Target {along with 5000 other people in Orem}, waited out at the mall for Gap {and a few other stores}, went to Old Navy, stopped for hot cocoa at the gas station around 4am, almost hit 5 deer {DEER. real deer in Orem, Utah} on State Street, waited out for 2 hours for Forever 21, and finished off with driving to Fashion Place Mall for H&M. {yes. we are stupid for driving on the freeway with no sleep at 7am.} 11:00 on Friday morning we called quits, and ended black Friday with a bang. KNEADERS. 

here we are... waiting out for the mall to open at midnight. this is where Branson and Tyler decided to join our adventure! the only reason they stayed in line with us was because they needed a bathroom...

at our Old Navy stop. the longest line EVER. Malia was soooooo done at this point. can you tell? i think she actually fell asleep right there... {which is why the hot cocoa was a MUST}

this was around 4:30 am. right after getting hot cocoa and encountering the deer. we were on our way to wait out for Forever 21!! that lovely 2 hour wait. Netflix and iPhones were necessary at that point.
it was honeslty the greatest 14 hours and i am SO happy we did it! i was exhausted, but the deals and amount of clothes i got... were totally worth it! its a tradition Mia and i will definitely keep continuing

4)  so i've been filling out my BYU application + essays all day. can i tell you how much i can't wait for them to be done? I CAN'T WAIT
5)  shout-out to the cutest couple in the world! Alexis and Tanner congrats on getting engaged i am so happy for you! can't wait for the wedding. pretty much the cutest couple alive. and the proposal pictures? i was crying...
6)  the fact that we have to go back to school tomorrow after a 5 day break. i don't even want to discuss that matter right now
7)  Hannah + Branson + Tyler + Edgar + Chris + i had a hot chocolate party last night. peppermint hot cocoa, Tim Tam cookies, marshmallows, whipped cream, and good friends. such a great way to welcome the Christmas season!

8)  the fact that December is on Saturday is seriously freaking me out. how did 2012 fly by SO FAST? i just can't even wrap my brain around it. anyone else with me?
9)   we're decorating our tree as a family tonight. welcome welcome welcome to Christmas time! it's my favorite time of year :) besides the 4th of July of course
10)  so i made a new button for my blog! if anyone wants to swap let me know :)

happy sunday everyone!

ps: i got my hair done on Tuesday. i'm super thrilled :)


  1. Hey Keena!

    You've won a Liebster Award! You can check it out on my blog.

    Happy back to school :)

  2. Great post, I love all of your photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I'm just obsessed with your blog. Love it wayyyy too much!!! Your are too stinkin cute!

  4. That polka dot top is to die for. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Good luck with school--until the break of course. :)