Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 we put up our tree as a family on Sunday night! we always try to put it up RIGHT after Thanksgiving, we figure the longer we can have it up and celebrate... the better!

we got a pre-lit tree 2 years ago, and i think that just about completed my dad's life. the complications of putting the lights on the tree has been killing him since the day i can remember. he was happy as can be when we bought this tree! and now he doesn't even complain :) so after he and Caleb set the tree up, we added on all the ornaments!

 and here is the finished product! 

we have added more and more decorations to the house each day, and i am still trying to get around to decorating mine + Malia's room! i always put up lights + chains + sometimes even a mini tree! we'll see what i get around to this year :)

on another note, having major senioritis right now! as much as i LOVE high school and i know how much i will miss it when i am gone, having good grades and pointless classes doesn't make me want to go! its a constant battle between going to school and watching Friday Night Lights {my new FAVORITE show!} just counting down the days until the Christmas break :)

can't wait to welcome December on Saturday!

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