Friday, November 30, 2012


Tuesday night Malia and i got the opportunity to do baptisms for the dead with the youth in our ward. it is such a blessing to me to be able to participate in doing this, and i sometimes forget how happy i am when i do it. 

we missed the first MV boys basketball game that night and at first we were really sad about it. but after knowing that the reason we missed was because we went to the temple, it just felt right. i love going to the temple because it brings me closer to the gospel. it reminds me of my own baptism day and how happy i was. knowing that i am making someone else just as happy when i am doing the work for them, just makes it all the better.

Wednesday night was ward temple night, and i got to babysit for some neighbors // close friends in my ward. i had studying i needed to get done but was willing to help my neighbors out. i didn't want to accept money because i knew they were going to the temple. i served that family in my ward and it felt really nice.

although i do simple deeds each day, i sometimes forget how nice it feels to serve people. i forgot how nice it is to go to the temple and feel closer to the gospel and to Jesus Christ. i forgot how wonderful it is to be able to let another couple feel good at the temple while watching their kids. it feels so amazing to serve and it makes me want to do it as much as i can!

i'm so grateful for this gospel and what it teaches me

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  1. I love the temple. Going every week really blesses your life! There is such a feeling of sweet serenity and peace when you are just sitting in there, engrossed in your thoughts. It is the best feeling that I have ever had :)

  2. Absolutely adore this! Another fun thing to do is to leave cute little notes or little bags of cookies on car windshields at the temple while the owners are inside. Such a sweet surprise to come out to after serving The Lord all day :)