Monday, December 3, 2012

over the weekend

after school, i spent time with family, watched Friday Night Lights + went to Madi's 17th birthday surprise party that night! it was quite the party to say the least!

i spent the day at work, and later went to temple square with some real good friends! after getting lost multiple times {thanks to... me. and the map on my iPhone. i'm totally gonna blame the map!} we were happy to make it there! the lights at temple square are always so pretty. i love going during the holidays! + we got hot cocoa after. and we all know much i love hot cocoa

after church we went up to Lehi as a family to take some family pictures! our wonderful and talented tripod {last minute for a Christmas card... ha!} took the pictures and we couldn't have picked a cuter location! i have many to show {later on}, but here is a preview!


we had dinner with Alexis and Tanner who told us all about their engagement! and then i made some doughnuts for dessert! {well, mom made them. i cooked them! + frosted them and delivered some to friends!}a nice homemade doughnut with warm frosting on a Sunday night. it doesn't get much better

i watched Friday Night Lights more than the average person should this weekend. it's becoming quite the obsession of mine. it's funny how when you start a TV show, people remind you of the characters. because now all i do {especially since it is based on high school} is compare the characters to people i know. 6 more seasons = lots more time wasted while watching it

happy monday! i have a pretty low key week. which is great for the holidays :) 


  1. Can you get any prettier? No. I seriously don't think so. Gimme that leopard print scarf, K? haha! I will also take a doughnut. Or five.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. It looks like you had a fab weekend. I agree with Amanda, I don't think you could get any prettier!

    Nicole ♡ the little lovely things.

  3. Your so pretty! Love the family pic of you kissing your dads cheek!!!