Monday, December 31, 2012

281 days later... the end to 2012!

 i have some news :) i ate CHICKEN.

 after being a vegetarian {with the exception of fish. so in others words, a pescatarian} since March of this year, i decided i was sick of always feeling hungry and having to fix it by feeding myself peanut butter, eggs, beans, eggs, protein shakes, or more beans and peanut butter.

December 26, 2012 i came to a close of being vegetarian and broke the 281 day "fast" with a Cafe Rio chicken tostada. it tasted delicious and i sure did miss it!

there are many reasons i became vegetarian actually, and although i don't want to get into them, i will say that i don't regret becoming one at all. it actally helped me watch more of what i eat and my body felt very clean for those 8 months. i know this may be sad to hear, {and trust me, I'll be judged for it.} but even though i broke it, i will only be eating white meat, not red. i used to be allergic to most red meat, {which is one of the many reasons i became vegetarian} so red meat doesn't appeal to me anyways.

it was really hard to constantly watch the amount of protein i was taking in, and always feeling like my stomach wasn't satisfied. you would think not having meat wouldn't make that much of a difference, because there are many other ways to get protein. but honestly, it really does make a difference. and although i enjoyed trying new things and recipes to get my protein, i found myself eating the same things everyday and decided i didn't want anymore peanut butter, eggs, and beans 3 times a day :)

i am actually thrilled i ate chicken again, it was the only meat i really missed! i have already had some of my favorite dishes since Wednesday when i broke it, and it honestly is good to be back :) i definitely don't notice hunger near as often anymore!

3 cheers for keena!
what a great way to end my 2012. 

more on kicking off the new year soon! i'm off to throw in one last workout at the gym, then to work at Macaroni Grill. doesn't that sound like fun? good thing i only work until 8! happy new years eve!

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  1. WOW! I have no idea how you did it for so long but way to go girl! That takes a lot of self control and it sounds like a lot of work.