Thursday, January 3, 2013

look over 2012 + resolutions

i am going to continue this year with the idea of doing a year overview! i loved reviewing 2011 last year and i thought it would be a great idea to do it again with 2012. here are some highlights, events, and pictures of 2012! click the links to see the post about that event :)

- getting my braces off!
- hanging with friends and working at the store
- going to MV basketball games
- spending time with Matt Hill
- going to the blogger meet + greet with Joslynn
- spending time with friends
- Valentines day w/ Matt
- celebrating Kylie's 8th birthday + her baptism
- more time with friends {of course}
- competing with Meg + Branson in the HOSA competition  + winning 4th place!
- finishing my first 1/2 marathon!
- spending time in Moab after the race and going to arches for my very first time
- becoming a vegetarian
- Marcus + dads birthday celebrations
- attending Mountain View's prom with Edgar Cordova
- getting my wisdom teeth out 
- celebrating Malia + Caleb's birthday's
- going to St. George for spring break & getting totally fried
- attending Orem's prom with Carson Bown
- celebrating my 17th birthday!
- MORP with Taylor Camp
- partying with my best friends!
- camping for youth conference with my stake!
- hiking the Y with Meggie + Hannah
- a day at the zoo with my family
- spending lots of time with friends!
- spending the ENTIRE MONTH with my other half, Briana {and kenzie too!}
- going to EFY with Briana, Kenz, and Malia
- 4th of July {our favorite holiday!}
- spending 2 weeks in Utah, and 2 weeks in Washington together
- swimming. every single day
- visiting the gum wall in Seattle!
- camping with the Horton family for our reunion
- going to my last year of girls camp!
- starting my senior year of high school
- football season beginning!
- participating in the Vivint service event with meg + jos

- having my cousins come down for a surprise visit!
- Homecoming with Kalin
- labor day
- state fair with Branson, Meg, and Tyler
- going to the beach in Cali
- Halloween
- photo-shoot with Ashley!
- spending time with friends
- Thanksgiving
- black friday shopping for 12 hours w/ Mia
- date nights
- Sadies with Dallin Kelly

- stopped being a vegetarian
- date nights to temple square
- Christmas
- family pictures
- getting a new job at Macaroni Grill
- friend time
- time spent with cousins {post coming soon!}
2012 was great. i opened new doors, made new friends, tried new things, and {this sounds cheesy} finally discovered myself. 2012 was definitely one of my hardest years, but i honestly learned a lot. i can't wait for this year! i am ready to try even more new things! things i have never done. finish school, move out, travel, start college.. it should be a great year!

i have some resolutions that i plan on completing! i actually accomplished most of my resolutions last year, and i plan to do the same with 2013!

2013 resolutions
- graduate high school
- accomplish my 'gym' goals
- buy my own car
- finish my Personal Progress
- run another 1/2 marathon!
- go to the gym 5 times a week
- run. everyday
- move out
- start college
- read my scriptures. everyday
- smile MORE
- be more spontaneous
- pray, morning + night

welcome 2013! i'm super excited!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an exciting year!
    Sorry you had to get your wisdom teeth out . . . Is it really as bad as everyone says it is? I think I need mine out too, but I'm a chicken.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Keep up the awesome blogging! :)