Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas at the Horton home

 Santa definitely visited our house on Christmas! we were blessed with quite a bit of presents to open and we had a wonderful morning opening them! everyone in the family is so happy with what they received from Santa and my parents and we had such a good day together!

traditions are always the same in this house. we open exchange presents + white elephants Christmas Eve, then all the kids sleep in the playroom together! we wake up Christmas morning, and walk out all together to see what Santa left us! after we see everything, and look in our stockings, we take a break and have some breakfast! after eating we open the presents my parents got for us!

after opening most of the presents from my parents, we took a break to give them their present from the kids. we all pitched in some money this year to get them a new "room." an all new comforter, pillows, sheets, and curtains! 

 it took us about 25 minutes to set it all up, but once we did, they sure were happy and super surprised!

such a good Christmas :) i hope yours was amazing as well!
happy happy thursday!

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  1. Okay. Your parents reactions. SO CUTE. It looks like your Christmas was splendid! Which is fabulous. Loving your beanie!

    amanda @ we and serendipity