Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 things

1)  i started my CNA program at MATC this past week. i actually really love it! which suprises me because i have heard from other people that it wasn't their 'fav.' but i love all things medical and i am already learning a whole bunch. it's pretty exciting, because when this is over, i'll be able to have a really good job as a certified nurses assistant!
2)  it's basketball season! and it's the last i'll ever have. as a high school student that is. basketball games every Tuesday + Friday baby! gotta love going with my favorite girls ♥

3)  my new motto, as of lately.

4)  the Parenthood finale was last night {i watched it with my parents} and we are all pretty sad our Tuesday night TV show is gone. anyways, we need a new show! i am starting Gossip Girl {no... not with my parents... HA!} but i love watching shows with my parents too! my mom wants to start Downton Abbey. i've heard it's pretty good so we'll see!
5)  while we're talking family, i've been spending a lot of time with mine lately. which is good, cause i love them OH so much

6)  i must say i am nervous for the day i walk in the door and there is a white envelope from BYU. it could be any day now and definitely will be before Feb1. i have pretty high hopes of wanting to make it in, but no matter the results, God has a plan for me and i know everything happens for a reason. pretty anxious over here
7)  my mouth is still pretty dang sore from surgery. i thought i would be nice and healed by now but it's Wednesday and i still have to be on lots of meds! hoping for the best because if they think i am having surgery again they are definitely mistaken
8)  i still haven't seen Les Mis. i feel like i am LIVING UNDER A ROCK
9)  the amount of senioritis that is inside of me right now is slowly {very... slowly...} degrading. i am finally starting to realize that this REALLY is my last chance at high school. this is the last January i will ever have as a senior. there are only so many more lunches with my friends, late night study parties, cramming for tests together, sluffing when we know we shouldn't, dance parties in the parking lots, crazy crazy games together, and even being in class. i always have such high levels of 'get me out of this school' while i am actually in class {and starving. and bored. and tired.} but when i really look at it, i am slowly having a very good attitude about this last semester i have. mostly because i know i will miss high school. a wholleeeeee lot.
10)  and on that note, i'm going to the gym. for the one day i have off of work AND no homework. hallelujah :)

happy wednesday!

i have some seriously good news to share... coming soon!

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