Sunday, January 27, 2013

the puffy skiing marshmallow

i left and came back! without even telling you. how rude of me. 

we had youth conference for my ward up at Aspen Grove this year! we did this 2 years ago, {see HERE} and we loved it so much we decided to do it again! Friday night we had dinner + a fireside + game // treat night. and Saturday we went cross country skiing + service project + a testimony meeting!

so, cross country skiing was quite the adventure. i was hesitant because i didn't have a very good coat, but after a few runs i got wicked hot anyways! we fell a lot, got all bruised up, but going down those massive hills having those things strapped on my feet gave me such a rush! 

i don't know why i don't go skiing more often, i mean i obviously would attract allllll the boys up on the slopes with this very attractive look of looking like a massive marshmallow. am i right?

i'm pretty sure i was meant to be a skiing lady. but then when you see my 'skills'.... you think otherswise! it was also a great testimony builder to have such an amazing fireside + testimony meeting. how wonderful this gospel is. i love it so very much!

such a fun little get-a-way with my ward young women + young men! some of my all time favorite people :)

i have more to share about this weekend! i promise i'll be back soon :)

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