Saturday, January 19, 2013

a little update

 so today i got mouth surgery again. i got my first done {for my fake teeth} last April, when i got my wisdom teeth out! {see HERE} i have to complete 3 surgeries, and after having this one done today, i only have one left!

--- the first one, was a bone graft. i got some bone put in up in my gums where the teeth would be. when i had the first surgery i also got my wisdom teeth out. which was nice because if they are going to knock me out, may as well do both :)
--- the second one, {the one i had done this morning} was putting in some metal rods that will eventually hold the teeth in!
--- the third one, is the actual putting in OF the teeth! which will be in May. hopefully

i've been a little sore today, but not nearly as bad compared to last April {when i had my first surgery done.} i'm recovering a lot faster! it hurts to put in my retainer a little, which isn't good since i kindaaaa need those teeth in to feel... normal. but i'm just glad i am recovering quickly!

and there is the novel i am sure you all wanted to read about oral surgeries and my nasty little mouth!
*this post was brought to you by me in a snow hat. BEFORE i had a fat face from surgery ;)

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  1. oh keena you are just so cute! :)
    you look amazing even after surgery! i think my friend needed to do something similar like you! i remember her saying something about her gums and teeth and getting surgery there.
    im glad you're recovering well! keep it up gorgeous girl <3

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