Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 things

1) i got my wisdom teeth out. they are GONE! hallelujah it is over with. not only did i have to get my wisdom teeth out yesterday, but i {all of the sudden} also had to start up with my 'implants of my fake teeth' process. yes, i am missing 2 teeth. the 2 right next to the first/front 2. {prettttyyyy sure i have shown pictures of this, but i will go on anyways} it takes about a year to do all 3 surgeries to get my actual teeth in so i don't have to wear a retainer my whole life. my oral surgeon recommended that since i was already being put under today, i should just start it up.

so i did. they cut up into my gums, placed in some bone, and stitched me up. + they removed all 4 wisdom teeth. lets just say, my mouth is DEFINITELY sore. i would show ya'll pictures of the inside of my mouth, {cause it's actually pretty interesting} but its pretty.... nasty. 

and yes, i am crying in this picture. 
2) i have had 4 Jamba Juice's these past 2 days. that's all i have eaten, besides a french fry that i sucked on for a bit. + some ice cream. yeah we're living off liquids over here

3) quick THANK YOU to all those who have visited me today and yesterday. Carson, Meg, Kaylee, Taylor, and Madi. you are all amazing! i really appreciate the Jamba's and ice cream. and Meg & Carson, since you 2 were the first visitors, so sorry that i was so..... 'loopy' when you came. that's what meds do to you

4) Malia and i on Sunday in our Easter best! forgot to post this HERE so, here you are
5) Meg, Jos, and i headed up to the new mall, City Creek in Salt Lake on Saturday! i drove us up there for the day and we had SO much fun shopping there! it seriously is one of the best malls ever. it is right by the temple {as you can see} and it has a removable roof for the summer! + a real creek right down the walkway! it is uhhhhhh-mazing. + i got some new clothes. NEW CLOTHES are the best i think

6) at City Creek on Saturday i got to take a picture with the most expensive ring sold at Tiffany's. $134,000 smackaroooos. this was my face when i saw it. i was in 'awe'

7) the fam and i actually headed back up to Salt Lake today! my dad is leaving from work at the COB so we payed our last visits up there by having lunch in the cafeteria like we always do, and waving our last goodbyes. then i took them to City Creek to show them how cool it was! and to buy more clothes, obvi

**please ignore my face. my 'i'm too cool to smile' face. yeahhhhh, i CAN'T smile. hurts too much. so don't judge that face of mine
8) i look like superman in my new cheetah 'jacket, shawl' thingy. with that wind blowing? whew!

9) last year for spring break i also got surgery, but on my tailbone. last year at this time, Chris was my first visitor after surgery, and then we fell for each other and became a 'thing' for 6 months. the good old days. + last spring break Chris went to St. George, now i am going to St. George. crazy. and just like last spring break, we talked for forever on Easter. {except last year it was on the phone. and this year, FaceTime}it's super weird how things work out sometimes.

10) tomorrow is the day! the family + some of our family friends are headed down to St. George to spend the rest of spring break in the sunshine! {well, it might be a little rainy, but we'll make the best of it!} so now, i am off to pack. but first, more visitors! Edgar and David. i really can't wait for tomorrow! just wait, after i am home, ill be tan. but maybe a little red.... we'll see

there will be a lack of posting until i get home on Sunday! i might check in but we shall see! have a wonderful week/weekend everyone! ta-ta


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  2. I need that lace shirt your sister is wearing. Where is it from? Thanks!

  3. your little sister malia has the cutest style. love how simple, cute, and effortless she looks!

  4. I LOVE PASTELS and your sister totally pulls them off well! She has a great sense of style!!! Get better soon.