Sunday, February 17, 2013

another sweet ♡ 's

Josh Sueldo asked me to MV's sweethearts this year! and we had so much fun together :) for the day date, we went bowling with our group at Provo Beach Resort. *Skittle bowling* to be exact. if you didn't get a strike on your first bowl, you drew a skittle. depending on the color, you had to do a bunch of different things to make you not bowl as 'well.' dance bowl, opposite hand, eyes closed, etc.

i'm really not the best bowler, sadly. and Josh and i were the losing couple... {sorry Josh!} so as the losing couple we also got the honor of buying everyone ice cream! yay for us! well actually yay for him... he bought the ice cream ;)

we had special "hook ups" for pictures, and did them in a studio at the mall! AKA it was too dark to take them outside and the photographer bailed. we used our magnificent charm to beg the worker to use her studio....

we ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen {my first time!} and danced like CRAZY at the dance. the DJ kinda really sucked at picking any music that was actually from this century, but you know what? we made the best of it and danced our little bums off. 

dessert // games after the dance and a whole lot of laughing in the wee hours of the morning. such a fun dance :) thank you to Josh for asking me and being such a wonderful gentleman. and thanks to Kaylee for letting me wear her gorgeous dress. XO