Thursday, February 21, 2013

wait... is that a bra strap?

 well that's embarrassing...
 shirt: XX1, pants: Old Navy, booties: XX1, scarf: XX1, hat: Cotton On

yikes. a white bra strap beaming out to all the world. what a sight :)

there isn't much going on around here, but i thought of some definite pro's // con's as of lately that i thought i'd share! nothing too exciting, but i thought i should at least blog once this week... *slacker*

- that's a $5 hat on my head. FIVE dollars. this woman knows how to bargain. {or i'm just really good at black friday shoppping}
- there was no school on Monday for President's day. Mia and i spent the WHOLE day together, shopping + lunch. that's how we do things. blowin' our money at the wonderful Gap sale. nothing better
- and now that we are on the subject of shopping... i have an addiction to online shopping. and the anticipation of knowing something is coming in the mail for me... just exciting 
- it's miss Mckenzie Dalrymple's birthday tomorrow! we're celebrating with a little fiesta at Los Hermanos!
- my cute little brother Marcus went district in his 5th grade science project! he was so excited and did amazing! i love that cute kid
- 98 days until graduation! pro and a con. because i'll definitely miss high school. but 98 days and i'm DONE??? wooooo hooooo!

- my cousins are in Rio right now. RIO BRAZIL guys. you have no idea how jealous i am
- those booties are becoming a daily wear. con cause i think people are starting to think they're the only shoes i own...
- Valentines day? i never blogged about that because you wanna know how it was spent? working 4-11:30 and coming home to a chocolate cake. thanks chocolate cake... for being my valentine :)
- i'm out of money now. thanks a lot Gap. and thanks A LOT GOOD DEALS
- i was late again to MATC today. i am terrible at being on time to anything that has to do with school/classes, and it's becoming a serious issue

life is good! loving every moment of it :)
have a happy thursday!

*thanks everyone to emailing me about button swaps! i'd be happy to swap :) i love getting to know new bloggers, so feel free to email me!


  1. i love reading your blog... your pictures are always so cute!

  2. i love your blog keena! these are gorgeous pictures!

    pop on over to my new blog.. i'd love to see you there!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog via Love & Such. Just had to thank you for letting me take a peek of your world here. Just lovely!!! Feel free to visit me at XOXO, Mandi