Monday, February 11, 2013

a bit about sweet ♡ 's

many people already know about this, via social media, {plus i mentioned it here} but i was asked by 6 boys to Orem's sweethearts this year! 6 girls, 6 boys, no specific dates, just a whole bunch of dancin'

for our day date we went to Pizza Factory, made pizzas // bread sticks, then played '3 question speed dating.' the boys just happened to plan out to ask each of us what our favorite thing to eat at Zupas is, then we had what we said was our favorite for our meal before the dance! how creative was that? who knew these 6 boys could be so creative!

dinner was at Tyler's house, eating the Zupas of course. we then played a charades game that was hilarious, and after that... pictures! the boys thought this out as well; to have our pictures done in a photobooth! ^^^^ that way you have a picture with each boy! so cute.

the dance was AWESOME. Orem High, you really know how to party. 
and i even got multiple boys to walk me to the door. multiple kisses too? the world will never know. 

just kidding :) 

what a fun dance. thank you boys {Zach, Luke, Taylor, Tyler, Eli, & Isaiah}, thank you

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  1. Oh my goodness! That's awesome! You lucky girl, you! That sounds like a blast.
    PS) I love your blog. It's lovely and so are you!