Sunday, April 14, 2013

last night: date night

so remember how i said i got asked to prom by doing a crazy scavenger hunt? i promised to share more about it.

Mia and i are sitting in school when we get called to the principals office & get in trouble for 'cyber-bullying.' that was clue #1 which was given to us by our administrator, Mr. Glahn. there were about 14 clues, and they were ALL around Orem. we couldn't get the next clue until we did the task! holding a tarantula, eating a steak sandwich, working out w/ a personal trainer @Golds, going to the Disney store, diving in a 13 foot pool (it was at the bottom!), baking a cake, and waiting until midnight. it took us ALL DAY so Mia and i knew we had to get them back GOOD.

we wanted to use the cops. we just happened to be going out with these boys last night (for Mia's first date!) and we knew it was time to take advantage. not even 2 blocks down the street from leaving, Tyler gets 'pulled over.' my dad's friend John helped us out, and he 'caught' them with a meth pipe, and cuffed both boys.

both these boys were scared out of their minds, and shaking like crazy. they were put in the back of the cop car, and Malia and i were DYING of laughter! too. freakin. good.

after almost making them cry and making them wait in the car for a good 10 mintues, the cop said "now. you can either pay (a ton of fine $$) and be booked for a court date + prison, or you can go to prom with Keena and Malia." it didn't even click in their heads, but once they knew, they couldn't believe it. i can't believe we actually pulled it off

SOOOO after all the crazy excitement, we decided to enjoy the date :)

we went to Provo Beach Resort down in the Riverwoods! bowling (which i am terrible at.... #embarrassing) and the ropes course!

thank you, kind lady, for this terrible quality blurry picture. you should consider practicing your iPhone photography skills.

we had dinner at Carabas then a movie at Alex's! such a grand old time with best friends.

what a fun night. now these boys know the true meaning of karma. am i right?

Malia's 16th birthday + Caleb's 14th birthday were both on Friday, and we have been celebrating all weekend long! more tonight with dinner + presents and maybe even some chocolate reeses cake. awwwwww yeah. gotta love birthday's in the Horton home!

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