Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 things

 sweater: old navy, leggings: XX1, scarf: Target, boots: Santa; Christmas, vest: my mom's 80's closet

1)  spring break. FINALLY. no more school for an entire week :) hallelujah!

2)  heading down to St. George on Sunday night with my girl friends for spring break. 80 degrees, multiple swimming pools, delicious food made by Meg's mom, + left over Easter candy. this week is looking amazing already!

3)  let's talk about Easter, just for a second. the candy that is around during this holiday? EVIL. but seriously amazing. every time my mom cracks out a bag of Cadbury eggs in this house, the Horton's go MAD. just wait until Sunday, we'll each have a dozen bags all to ourselves. *we wish*

4)  yes. i have more pictures of me in winter clothes with snow in the background. why? because i took {well, Mia did} a million pictures and i needed to blog. winter pictures it is!

5)  Briana and i signed up for our housing for BYU next year. we are living in the new Heritage Halls and move out August 28. how WEIRD is THAT??? me moving out?? what the heck... {but we are SO excited!}

6)  my parents sold 7Circles.

wait, WHAT?

my parents sold 7Circles!

been in the process of doing so for a couple weeks, and it is now finally okay for me to announce it! it is actually doing very well, but mom + dad just don't have the time for it anymore! dad has too much to do being a stake president, so we decided to turn over the business. definitely going to be a weird switch!

7)  hung out with my gorgeous Orem ladies last night. doing absolutely nothing except talking with them, and the Orem boys was actually so much fun! me, Maddie, Naomi, Taylor, Zach, Tyler, Luke, and Tysen. party at Naomi's house :)

8)  working both jobs today and having to miss the General Young Women's broadcast makes me pretty sad. thank heavens they'll post it on the internet so i can watch it later

9)  i saw The Host with some friends on Thursday night. anybody else seen it? kinda weird... but i thought the story line was way good! but the acting? YIKES

10)  i got asked to Prom! Tyler and Alex set up a HUGE scavenger hunt for Malia and i with 14 clues. i promise to share more about that really soon! because it was quite the adventure. so exciting i can't wait!

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  1. You are stunning!!1 i am so excited for your senior pics!!!