Sunday, April 21, 2013


boy talk, staying up late
getting advice, sharing a bed // pushing our beds together
sharing clothes
fighting about sharing clothes
staying up late on school nights laughing about absolutely nothing
making silly videos doing embarrassing things
getting ready together
playing games. {Stratego. i dominate.}
shopping until our feet kill
being 'sick' once school rolls around at 7:30 am
the fights and dramatic events
taking baths {on the daily}
decorating our room
gym time
long runs together
awkward stories. kissing stories
date nights with best friends
wrestling // making each other bleed
stories with mom and dad


i can't tell you how much i am going to miss every single second of living at home with my very best friend. August 28 is going to come quick. so i'm making every second count. because before you know it, i will be moved out. and i will never get these moments back. sure, new moments will come.but i will never be able to jump back to this moment in my life.

i'm making every. moment. count. ♥ can't express into words how much i love you Mia

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