Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 random thoughts + pictures

Wednesday and Thursday {today} were clinical days for MATC. i have never intended to be a CNA my entire life. this is most definitely a step along the way of my future in the medical field, and i will attest to this being the very bottom of the totem pole when it comes to nursing.

clinical's were.... interesting.

let's just say me and Sesselja are very glad it's over with. 2, 8 hour days of cleaning up poop, showering patients, changing briefs, changing beds, feeding, etc. not exactly what i had in mind but it's what i expected. i knew this would be the case when i signed up for the CNA program, which is why i have never planned on being a CNA for long.

and the good thing is, i am almost graduated from MATC ♥

so, monday we celebrated more for Caleb's and Malia's birthdays. we had a delicious dinner and dessert. their choice of chicken alfredo. for our birthdays mom let's us pick whatever we want to eat! she is the best i tell ya.

me and the birthday siblings. cutest

making bran muffins with the girls on Sunday. that batch has made so many that we have enjoyed them all week. delicioussssss

and here is Mia and i. leaving class early to watch the Office in bed because we have the greatest mom in the entire world 

and now i am going to Hope of America and THANKING the heavens above that i get to return to school tomorrow instead of the rest home.

happy thursday evening! 

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