Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 things | all about this week

1)  so last night for mutual we went ice skating. i haven't been ice skating since elementary school and let me tell you i am HORRIBLE. can barely stand up straight and balance let alone MOVE? it's a struggle. just like roller skating. {i'm not very coordinated guys.}

2)  on Sunday, we walked home from church. Kylie, Quincey, Caleb {the designated photographer. sorry bro} and i. we picked flowers and welcomed back the beautiful sunshine after lots of days of rain + wind! 

3)  technically, this was last week. but Friday i got my senior pictures done by the wonderful Ashley! same Ashley that took my photos for THIS photoshoot! she is an amazing photographer and i wanted her to do my senior pictures so badly, i'm so glad she was willing to!

*preview shot*
i get the rest back {all edited and cute!} real soon
mom and Mia came. being the amazing supporters that they are!

4)  soccer games are still going on every Tuesday and Thursday. Hannah and i go to EVERY game :) home or away. we have missed 2 {only 2, people. and i blame it on work.} we love soccer! anddddddd soccer boys. {the truth comes out...}

5)  Tyler Peery {aka, my prom date} and i are officially dating. i can't even express how happy i am :) been wanting this for awhile now, and i can't even sleep at night i'm so excited! we have been best friends since school started, and relationships are always best that way. best friends, first. some of my favorite memories of senior year are with Tyler. so glad things are working out :) i am smitten

6)  speaking of prom, it's SATURDAY. i can't. even. wait. Mia and i try on our dresses almost everyday because we are THAT excited :)

7)  guess who is coming on Thursday night? Briana :)

8)  so Tyler and i saw a movie at the Scera on Friday night "after hours." only us, and a few select friends watched Eagle Eye in the deserted theater. that place is prettyyyyyy freaky at night. just sayin

9)  27 days of school left. as much as i am excited to graduate, i am sad. 27 more school days with these people until i never see some of them again. i am actually excited everyday to go to school because i know this won't last. weird how fast time flies.

10) today marks 1 month until my birthday. finally i will be 18!

happy Wednesday! counting down the days until prom. it's all i think about
prom prom prom

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