Monday, June 24, 2013

5 things we've been doin together

back with the cousins again! they all came down for a few days before we part ways for EFY + NYC. we haven't let a minute go to waste!

1)  hiking the Y. a tradition we always do but this time we brought the whole fam! my parents have lived here their WHOLE lives and have never hiked the Y. it was hot, but it was fun

2)  tubing down the provo river. another tradition we love! and this time we brought the 2 boys. it's always fun running into trees + rocks AND watching Briana tip over in her tube. haha I was dying of laughter

3)  we even went on a date night together to the full moon ski lift! Tyler + Me, Briana + Austin, and Malia + Mackenzie (haha they just went together.) such a fun night!

4)  we also went swimming, got snowies, had a family BBQ, and stayed up late eating treats we know we shouldn't. that's the fun of the summer!

5)  today/yesterday we have been packing + planning out our outfits for EFY + NYC. stressful stuff I tell ya. Briana and I planning out our outfits is an all day event

busy busy busy! I can't believe i'll be in NYC in 2 days! I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever and it's crazy to think I will be in Times Square in 48 hours with my very best friend. I can't even WAIT

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