Tuesday, June 18, 2013

summer plans

i usually make a summer checklist every year {2011 here, 2012 here} but since they have always been so extravagant and i never really accomplish much, i opted out this year. however, i do have some things i really want to do this summer, and even though we are already almost 3 weeks in, looks like i am making a summer to do list anyways!

 ^^^ picture of my bestie Briana and i. becuase she'll be in lots of summer plans!

as will Ty. this is us at Summerfest on Saturday, {which is on the list... check!}

[ x ]  go to seattle
[ x ]  watch fireworks
[    ]  eat a sno-cone
[ x ]  7Peaks {Tyler and i went yesterday!}
[    ]  sleep out at the parade for the 4th
[ x ]  orem summerfest
[    ]  go to the temple
[    ]  NEW YORK
[    ]  tubing down provo river
[    ]  lake powell
[    ]  move out
[    ]  hike the Y
[    ]  finish Gossip Girl
[    ]  movie night on the lawn
[    ]  boating

this summer will be a good one! i can't wait :)


  1. You have yet to eat sno cone? Looks like you need to come hang out with my husband. haha!


  2. gossip girl the show or books because there both good

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