Wednesday, July 24, 2013


sorry it took me so long to get this post up. I was just waiting to gather all the pictures from miss Meg who took all the amazing pictures with her nice camera!

powell was w o n d e r f u l. we had so much fun as friends together, in our swimsuits with sunburned tanned skin all week long! we did nothing but relax and enjoy the time we had in the sunshine and in the water! we left on Sunday afternoon. it was a 7 hour drive, which took all day {and I drove separately because I left early for surgery!} but we were SO happy to arrive there, and take a dip in the water in the hot weather!

  ^^^ first night on the houseboat was spent at the marina!

Monday morning we headed out to find ourselves a BEACH. we spent the whole day in the water and on the sand! which was fabulous. and THAT is what we did alllll weeeeeek lonnnggg :)

 ^^^ my sexy boy.

 ^^^ I got buried!

T U B I N G  was freaking awesome. and at night? even better.

 ^^^ the whole clan!

for our last night {well, Ty and I's last night that is!} we had a photo shoot on the beach!

 ^^^the girls! MY GIRLS. I love them all

BEST week in the world. so relaxing and fun to be with everyone for our senior trip! even better that I got to be with all of them, PLUS my boy. + I even tried wake boarding! AND got up! which I was very proud of. I forgot how much I love lake powell! it is truly the best. and the tan I came back with was just a little souvenir :)

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  1. your photos look amazing! it looks like you guys had an amazing time!