Friday, April 8, 2011

day16,17 {my surgery}

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Madi Bateman :: a new friendThursday April 7, 2011
i went in to the AF hospital to get my surgery on my tailbone

i woke up at 5:30
got on some sweats, and got in the car
mom and i drove out to the AF hospital and were there at 6
we were the first ones in the hospital, for same day surgery

we checked in, and headed to my room
i had to do another urine sample, then i got dressed in my gown!

they also put a bracelet on me!

then, a BUNCH of nurses and doctors came in, and asked me the same 2 questions
whats your name? whats your birthday?
man, they asked me that a lot

i watched some TV in between nurses coming in
i eventually got my IV in {which, didn't hurt... YAY!}

while i was waiting, and watching TV,
mom took some random pictures of the room on my phone
so they just barely got some new gowns in and on the gowns, there is 5 holes! in the holes you stick a tube and out of the tube, comes HOT or COLD air! it blows all over your body, so that you can have a nice temperature for the whole surgery! i used the HOT air, and it was so warm!

the IV bag

the, machine... that monitors my heart, or something!

this is me, right before i went in to have the surgery done
they made me wear this cap, so my hair would not get everywhere!

i woke up pretty quick after the surgery, mom got a picture of me right after

right after, i was in much pain
my tailbone {or, where it used to be, and i guess the stitches}
were THROBBING. i waited there, drinking sprite, for about 30 minutes
to let most of the Anesthesia wear off

i got changed, and we headed out
i obviously can't sit, so i laid in the car with a bunch of pillows
mom drove to Kneader's where i got a breakfast sandwich, and a smoothie

so... i guess while you are in surgery, the doctors stick a tube down your throat
so that you can have plenty of oxygen and maintain breathing, while you are asleep
well that tube, makes your throat and mouth very dry and scratchy

so after arriving home with my sandwich, i could not even eat it
my mouth and throat were SO DRY that not even water would help
the smoothie did taste good on it though

this is what i saw, when we got home
i spent the day watching movies/TV {you could've guessed}
and i had many, many visitors with many gifts

the Lanes, Chris, Cait, Jos, Madi, Hannah, Madi's mom, Nicole, Amanda,
my G&G Gillespie, Kelly, Grandpa Horton, George, Rachel, Taylor, and Sister Black

{THANK you to all of you that visited, i really do appreciate it}

today i have watched more movies, and TV, and i did get to wash my hair this morning
Madi also came and visited again. we watched Karate Kid and Toy Story 3.
Cait, Jos, Dallin, and David, also just visited for about 30 minutes

im now off to sleep because i am greatly tired

thanks again to everyone for your prayers and visiting!


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  1. Hey girl! Surgery is sounds like it went well. Have fun taking it easy and I hope that you get better fast!