Friday, July 5, 2013

the 4th

got all festive and enjoyed the fabulous holiday {one of my very favorites} yesterday. it started off with sleeping out at the parade with Tyler and our friends, yet hardly getting any sleep {we blame both the rain, and the loud teenagers.} but it was super fun! it was my first time doing this and I loved it!

the fam and I went to the pool for the day. Mia and I tanned, of course. and snowies.... M A S S I V E snowies. from Hokulia! our favorite! the best flavors and 'sno' around

I got the wonderful privilege of going to the Stadium of Fire with Ty and his fam! they also had an extra ticket, so Adelyn {Tyler's little sis} invited Kylie! sibs all around :)

Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cirque De Solie, and come crazy cool dance performers and sky divers all preformed for us! it was awesome and we had the GREATEST front row seats ever

 ^^^ fireworks. the BEST part!

I had a lovely 4th and I hope you all did too. so grateful for the free country we live in, and for the people who fight for that freedom. I am so happy we have a day to celebrate all of this! happy freedom!


  1. Your suit is adorable & your pictures turned out great :)

  2. you have the cutest swimsuit & clothes!! sooo jealous.

  3. okay i have to know, where are your swimsuits from???
    To die for!

  4. you are freaking adorable! looove that red swim suit.

  5. Loved your outfit! Super cute!