Sunday, June 9, 2013

the wedding

Alexis and Tanner are married! it was such a perfect day. they were married in the Seattle, WA temple on May 31, 2013. the weather was perfect {especially for seattle!} which was awesome for pictures.

Briana, Mackenzie, Malia and I watched the kids while the family was in the ceremony of the temple. we spent a lot of the morning taking pictures outside the temple, once the happy couple came out.
 ^^^ the cute Anderson fam with the new addition on Tanner

their reception was in a little red vintage barn in Sammamish WA. they served waffles {how creative... right?} and lemonade, and there was even a DJ! we also had a dance party and put whipped cream and oreos all over their car. it was quite the night to say the least!

and they are now officially, Tanner and Alexis HATCH

/ / / / /

been enjoying all the time I can up here in Seattle which is why I haven't blogged at all. {you would think I would now that I have my laptop!} I have taken lots of pictures, though, so hopefully those will make it up here soon :)

oh! and I also have graduation pictures to post. unfortunately, those are in Utah. but I promise I will post them when I get home! back soon! promise


  1. love your fun little blog!! Oh how I miss that age!!
    By the way you look darling!
    xo Hannah

    p.s. Lets be blogging friends!!

  2. Hi there! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower!

  3. that is where i was married! awesome awesome memories.

  4. this wedding is absolutely beautiful!!! You all look amazing!! I love your blog! New follower and cannot wait to read more!


  5. omg i have been stalkin your blog, and tanner was in my ward 2 years ago. haha. so happy for him!