Friday, August 2, 2013

10 things

 shirt: Zara, pants: Century21, shoes: Target, bra strap......... awkward.

1)  dying over this elephant shirt. it's seriously perfection and *confession* i can't stop wearing it. thank you New York  Z A R A, thank you.
2)  my new job? I LOVE IT. who knew working could actually be fun?
3)  and, speaking of work, i have been (since i started) and will be, until school starts in September, working full time. FULL TIME. 10 hour work days and 40 hour weeks. say hello to the adult life my friends.
4)  i have a small addiction to online shopping... oops.
5)  i am almost done with Gossip Girl, and need a new Netflix series to obsess over during my free time. any suggestions?
6)  Tyler's work schedule: 5pm-9pm. Keena's work schedule: 8am-6pm. it's an issue. and we hate it.
7)  there has been lots of sadness these past couple days for a lot of families. death, prison, and sickness to some of my close friends and family. praying for you all.
8)  Mia and i tried to go take pictures last night together. that lasted a good 20 minutes, thanks a lot dumb sunset
9)  IT'S FRIDAY. and I couldn't be happier. hello weekend, and hello real life plans. I haven't had plans in forevs.
10)  happy August! already august? halfway done with 2013? okay that's crazy.


  1. Congratulations on the new job!! Sorry it is not working out with Tyler's reminds me of when I was working at Mayberries Jeff would come eat there just so we could see each other!

    1. so frustrating! luckily we have a few hours of the day together and weekends of course! hopefully when school starts it will all change. miss you guys!

  2. Love your shirt! I am also almost finished with Gossip Girl! haha try watching the Carrie Diaires. Im totally hooked right now! hahaha
    xoxo Chantel

  3. Haha I love this top!! So cute and the shoes. My bra straps also like to make an appearance. I think they are attention whores :) Love your blog girly. Following you hope you follow back!

  4. I one hundred billion percent suggest Greek. It's the best show on netflix and you'll fall in love with Cappie. Also if you've never watched One Tree Hill I promise you won't be disappointed(just get through the first season).

    cute shirt by the way.


  5. Love your style!!! This outfit is so cute! So happy I found your blog:)!