Sunday, September 8, 2013

more from my first week as a college kid

 ^^^ HUZZAH! my first BYU game as an acutal college girl. i brought along my favorite person and converted him to the good side.... as a BYU fan. welcome, tyler. it's the wonderful side of things :) really though, that game was awesome. despite the hour delay because of the flash floods and huge amounts of RAIN, i had an awesome time!

^^^ cheers! we had a toast as roomies to kick off our year together as freshman rooming together. we can't wait for this adventure together. from left to right // veronica, danielle, angela, briana, angela, keena/me

^^^ not exactly from college life... but this week was Deah + Denny's wedding. we are so happy for you Deah! and thanks for providing the sparklers at your reception... we love them.

 ^^^ me and my girl! love her to pieces. she's recovering from her ACL surgery like a champ... she's the strongest girl i know. love you babeeeee

^^^ and it's finished! 300 pictures hung and a TON of white tacky... stuff. it took forever but i am IN LOVE. so amazing huh?

the college life is fun, but definitely busy. loving this new adventure i am in though!

happy sunday!try and guess how mine is spent.... yeah... homework. BUT, it's Book of Mormon homework. so bonus points for keen right?


  1. I absolutely LOVE your picture wall! Glad you enjoy college :)

  2. Hey I noticed you did not have a picture of out family on the picture wall...I will get an 8X10 in the mail to you this week!! :) Just kidding! I love it and I am glad you are having fun!!

  3. LOVE the picture wall! Have fun at school!
    xoxo Chantel

  4. Sooooo cute. Just realized we are both in love with Tyler's. They're the best :)

  5. That picture wall is amazing! Sounds like your having a lot of fun!

    xo Baylee