Monday, September 9, 2013

as summer ends

 ^^^ he's my favorite. more pictures from THIS shoot ^^^

i realized this weekend as it was chilly out, that summer has officially ended. it's bittersweet, bitter because i LOVE summer, but sweet because when summer ends, FALL comes. and is fall not the prettiest season ever?

as summer has come to an end, i wanted to reflect on everything i did because it was the best summer i have ever had. in early June i made a small bucket list of things i wanted to accomplish this summer. not only did i complete that, but TONS MORE. never a dull moment this summer...

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x ]  go to seattle
x ]  watch fireworks
x ]  eat a sno-cone
x ]  7Peaks
x ]  sleep out at the parade for the 4th
x ]  orem summerfest
x ]  go to the temple
x ]  tubing down provo river
x ]  lake powell
x ]  move out
x ]  hike the Y
x ]  finish Gossip Girl
x ]  movie night on the lawn
x ]  boating

MORE things i did this summer
x ]  tailbone surgery
x ]  kayaking
x ]  the cabin
x ]  family reunions
x ]  dollar movies
x ]  get a melt
x ]  stadium of fire
x ]  get a job

what a busy but wonderful summer i had!  and fall, i can't wait to see what's in store.

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